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"Woodland Magic" by Lynda June Henderson

"Fowls In Fall" by Lynda June Henderson

"Mr Magoo" by Lynda June Henderson

"Serenity" by Lynda June Henderson

"Nature, often bright and colourful,
was alwa
ys a safe and magical place,
always unlimited."

"Warehouse Door" by Lynda June Henderson

"07 BALLERINA" by Lynda June Henderson

"Pears in Purple" by Lynda June Henderson

"Moonlit Daisy" by Lynda June Henderson






"Woodland Magic" by Lynda June Henderson

"Nature, often bright and colourful,
was always a safe and magical place,
always unlimited."

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about the artist

Imagine having something in your life through which you couldSpacer experience intense spirit, passion, power, joy, frustration, fun, disappointment, sensuality, and magic.  This is just how Lynda experiences painting.  In December 1999 she was honoured in a native naming ceremony and given the two spirit names, Whitefeather and Painted Horse Woman, … and she was warned to be prepared for her life to change.  The following spring she received a tarot reading from a close friend and was asked, "Why aren't you painting?" Her friend then insisted on Lynda buying paints that day and in the summer she began painting. "I feel so lucky to have discovered art at this time in my life," she says.

Lynda was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and graduated from North Van highschool,she has worn many hats, ran Lynda's Bed and Breakfast for 6 years and is best known for teaching Aromatherapy massage for 23years. 

During a childhood of cruelty, poverty and unhappiness she discovered that "Nature, often bright and colourful, was always a safe and magical place, always unlimited."  She collected rainbows. It's not surprising that her first major series was Irises, for in Greek iris means rainbow, "and to me rainbow means hope," she says.   Each piece in the series is vibrant, colourful and filled with spirit and the complete series was made into greeting cards with quotations from her spiritual teacher.

She has also created a wonderful collection of trees, each piece with a profound effect.  Her work, in large and small sizes, is in acrylic using bold, bright colours. "As Nature is unlimited, so is my palette," she says, smiling. "I have only just begun this amazing journey."

Lynda joined the Vancouver Art Guild in the Fall of 2000.  A trip to France and Spain in 2002 opened her eyes to a visual history of the great masters' works displayed in museums and galleries of Europe.


The summer of 2006 was the first year she took her art to  the Stanley Park Painter's Circle. She also sold art at the beach at Ambleside, West Vancouver in the summer of 2009.  "l love being outside in a natural setting and plan to be at Stanley Park  again in 2011." In 2007 Lynda's art and unique 'Yurt' Studio were part of Vancouver's spring-time art event, ARTISTS IN OUR MIDST. In  2007 she was part of the Kerrisdale Art Club.

She recently moved to West Vancouver, and has now joined NORTH SHORE ART GUILD and is looking forward to participating and being a part of this wonderful guild.